Welcome to Rocimining.

A friendly request, if you are using an adblocker, could you please turn it off, this includes Brave shield. If you do you will see a small blue circle at the bottom left of each page this is Arc, what is Arc?

Arc is a two-sided marketplace. On one side of the market, websites buy a fast, low-cost peer-to-peer CDN. On the other side, websites make money by contributing bandwidth to the peer-to-peer CDN. Arc's widget provides access to both sides. We turn bandwidth into dollars by uniting browsers into a distributed content network that we rent. Think screaming-fast BitTorrent for every website that's seamless and native to the web. Websites pay Arc to make their sites faster by serving their static content (images, videos, JS, CSS, etc) from Arc's global, distributed network of browsers instead of from slower, more expensive, centralized servers.

This will not impact you in anyway, you can opt out at anytime. Further more, their is no analytic's on the site, if I put any on it will be for me to keep track of visitors and to improve the site, no data will be collected, I have no interest in collecting or gathering it for anyone else. If any are put on it will be more than likely Matomo analytic's, and I will make it known.

I'll also be sharing referral links and affiliate links to generate income, all apps shared are safe and pay, if any are found to be unsafe then they will be removed immediately.

Thank you.

I highly recommend using Brave Browser. 1. For security 2. To earn yourself some BAT (Basic Attention Token). You can find it at their home page Here