NASA's Curiosity Rover

This is a panoramic picture that Curiosity rover took. The picture below is a reduced size. The full image is 2.2GB with dimensions of 88797 x 22958px.

Curiosity View of 'Vera Rubin Ridge' From Below, Sol 1734 "Vera Rubin Ridge," a favored destination for NASA's Curiosity Mars rover even before the rover landed in 2012, rises near the rover nearly five years later in this panorama from Curiosity's Mast Camera

'Ireson Hill' on Mount Sharp, Mars This view from the Curiosity Mars rover's Mastcam shows a dark mound, called "Ireson Hill," which rises about 16 feet above redder layered outcrop material on lower Mount Sharp, Mars, near a location where Curiosity examined a linear sand dune in February 2017.


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